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4 In 1 Peach Blush Contour Eye Shadow Palette

4 In 1 Peach Blush Contour Eye Shadow Palette

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1 set of 4 colors, complete with complete set, get highlights, blush, eye shadow, contour, eyebrow powder, hair crevice,nose shadow
Cute appearance, 4-layer design, comes with a small mirror for easy makeup touch-up
3 models are optional, strong inclusiveness
Fine and soft silty, good smudge and not fly powder,
Matte + slight glitter + full glitter, all in one makeup palette
Velve-like touch, make up all day long
Suitable for many occasions and different makeup

Full matte earth detumescence color, low saturation warm brown series,
Daily commuting is not wrong, and it can also modify nose shadow, cost-effective

Creamy Rose Plate, a neutral rose color with a hint of brown
The powder crystal diamond is very clear, smart, and the atmosphere of pure desire is full~

Nude brown latte color, deep, sweet, salty, every day, just right
The color is very layered, it is the best match

Package Included:
1*Makeup Plate


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