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Blush Makeup Love Palette 4 Color Mineral Powder Peach

Blush Makeup Love Palette 4 Color Mineral Powder Peach

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① Unleash the vitality of young girls, be versatile, and don't pick people.
②The low saturation sweeps out a clear girlish feeling.
③The texture is soft, and it is not easy for beginners to learn.
④The powder is fine and smooth, easy to be colored, and uniform in color.
⑤The color is full and rich, and the color rendering is high.
⑥ Natural makeup, natural color, non-sticky powder, non-flying powder.
⑦Easily create bright makeup and enhance the complexion.
⑧ It can last for a long time and is very soft.
⑨Small and light, easy to carry.
Applicable people: normal
Applicable skin: normal
Shelf life: 3 years
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