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Cute Bear Liquid HighLighter Pen

Cute Bear Liquid HighLighter Pen

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1. Cute Bear Liquid High Gloss Pen High-Quality Soft Brushes Head Makeup Highlighter Pearllight Brightening Eye and Nose Cosmetics.
2. It is easier to use and naturally does not appear dirty.
3. Very delicate glitter. It can be used on the face, collarbone, and neck.
4. Three different colors can be selected, which are very versatile and easy to color.
5. Easy to carry and use!

How to use:
Gently rotate the highlighting liquid at the bottom, and it will slowly come out.

Product color: As shown
Shelf life: 3 years
Effect: Cheek and nose brightening
Features: Pearlescent Highlighter/Natural/Lasting
Skin type: General



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