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Flower Knows Strawberry Rococo Series Embossed Blush

Flower Knows Strawberry Rococo Series Embossed Blush

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Strawberry Rococo Series Embossed Blush


1. With strawberry and cupid as the main elements, combined with the fine totem of the rococo style and dusk since seven color shell dark pattern, presenting a neo-classical sense of exquisite design.

2. Hold it in your hand like an antique badge, and open it with the usual exuberant and exquisite embossing of Flower Know.

【Selection of color】

01 Angel Chanson (creamy pink apricot)

The airy dense cream sauce with fresh white strawberries, pure milk apricot pink, on the face delicate natural expansion effect, versatile and not picky skin tone, yellow skin with also very cute.

02 Innocence Nursery Rhyme (Milk Powder Purple)

With a cup of mellow milk bubble light strawberry jam, cold toned pink purple expansion color, sweep in the face a more lovely and innocent feeling, suitable for olive skin.

03 Classical Ballet (Rubber Pink)

Low saturation cashmere leather pink, foggy soft pink ambiance sense blush, neutral warm tone, more not picky skin tone, first love since rabbit system girls.

04 Dream Chaser (Creamy Gray Pink)

Cool and elegant temperament cool tone gray pink, mixed with a milk-like soft feeling, the color is not too deep, on the face gently suitable for olive skin.

05 Cranberry Mary (Strawberry Pink)

A fresh strawberry that is about to be made into jam, the pink and red tones are just the right blend, a touch of shyness of a young girl.

【how to use】


01 Dip a cotton pad and take an appropriate amount of powder

02 Knead the puff gently, evenly distributing the dough on the puff

03 Brush the powder on the face and press several times


01 Dip an appropriate amount of powder with a brush

02 Gently shake the brush to shake off excess powder

03 Lightly pat face several times to fix makeup

【Product Information】

Brand: Flower Knows

Product Name: Flower Knows Strawberry Rococo Series Embossed Blush

Fragrance: Sakura scent

Net weight: 5g

Shelf life: 3 years

Made in China

Own factory production



It is estimated that this product will arrive between 10 and 27 days following shipment. It normally takes 2-3 days for this product to ship. Take notice that for some products the shipping time will be estimated to 13-45 days.

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