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Four-color Highlighter Contour Palette illuminator Makeup

Four-color Highlighter Contour Palette illuminator Makeup

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A plate of sculpture three-dimensional outline
Matte Highlighter Blush Contour Palette
Embellish the contours with the clear contrast of the shadows,
Create a three-dimensional silhouette
Delicate, silky and easy to smudge
Easy to color and very docile
"four Colors in One Pallete; Highlights, Nose Shadows and contour"
"Multi-purpose makeup for a three-dimensional look"
1. Four in one
One plate for the whole face
2. Stereo outline
dark and light two-tone,
Mixable but suitable for multiple areas
3. Delicate makeup
lasting delicate

#01 Wave Shadow Plate (Pink)
Suitable for Taiwan cold powder, olive skin
Matte Highlight
facial sunken tear trough
Eye shadow edge smudge
Pearlescent Highlights
Nose bridge, eye brightening
Area C Highlights Lying Silkworm
Nose shadow contouring
eye shadow primer
Cheek contouring
Cheek silhouette, hairline trim
eye shadow deepening

#02 Tree Shadow Plate (Beige)
Suitable for warm yellow tones and natural skin tones
Matte Highlight
Eye Primer / Lying Silkworm / Tears
champagne highlights
Light warm gray brown
Nose shadow contouring
warm grey brown
Silhouette contour/eye end deepening

Package Included:
1* contouring pallet


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