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Two-color Gradient Palette Natural Cheek Blush

Two-color Gradient Palette Natural Cheek Blush

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100% brand new high quality!
Two-color gradient powder blusher

Even and natural coloring & good smudge
Creates three-dimensional face contour;
Easy to apply, makes the face smooth;
Perfect for salon, party, show, or home use.
It can also be used as eye shadow, and it looks better when superimposed with sparkles!!

01 # 
Brighten the face to make it plump
Can be paired with any other color number to create a shy girl

Peach and cheek purple tone, swollen cheek purple
Highlighting is too white

03# Milk apricot yellow peach
Pink with sweet apricot peach mixed with light cream
The upper face is pretty girly and pure lust

04#  flash shimmer
Dry Rose Bean Paste Color
Slightly drunk, milk drunk, delicate, pitiful, and temperament

5 # Oolong Milk Tea
The soft focus of plush is soft

Package Included:
1pcs * Blush 


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